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OKM GeoSeeker Mini-Water and Cavity Detector

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Electronic, state-of-the-art water and space finder capable of 3D imaging

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Brands OKM

Product Code: OKM3

Electronic, state-of-the-art water and space finder capable of 3D imaging

Likeitsbigbrother OKM GeoSeeker, the OKM GeoSeeker Mini utilizes a geoelectricalmeasurementprocedurebased on Schlumberger. Thewaterdetector - that can also be usedtodetectundergroundcavities - determinesthesoilresistivity. Based on thatgroundresistancethedetector is abletodetectundergroundwaterresourceslikefreshwater, drinkingwater, water-bearinggravelandgroundwaterlevel.

Duetothefactthatundergroundwater has a verygoodconductivity, you can concludethatverybadconductivity is a hintforhiddencavitieslikecaves, tunnels, chambersand underground rooms. Thusthegeophysicaldetector OKM GeoSeeker Mini can be deployed as waterfinderandcavitydetector at thesame time.

Operating thewaterandcavitydetector OKM GeoSeeker Mini

Thewaterdetector OKM GeoSeeker Mini is operatedviatouchscreen. Youwillselectthemeasurementdepth as well as theamount of scanningpointsandsimplyfollowthegraphicalinstructions. Duetotheusage of easy to understand images and icons the OKM GeoSeeker Mini is multi -lingual by using pure picture language. 

During the measurement the electrodes have to be replaced several times to measure the ground resistance at certainplaces. Allinstructions can be readfromthecolordisplay, where the results are presented after each single scan. At theveryend of a measurementthe final result is shown as a graphical 2d scanimage.

Graphical data visualization of water resources and cavity

Afterfinishing a geoelectrical measurement the final result is calculatedaccordingspecialformulastogenerate a representative 2d scanimage of theundergroundresistivity.

Depending on the selected depth penetration, you can detect under ground water deposits and cavities up to maximum 100 meters (328 feet). If you need a water detector that measures way deeper you should have a look at its bigger brother OKM GeoSeeker, that can measure up to 250 meters (820 feet). 

Geoelectricalapplicationswith OKM GeoSeeker Mini

The geoelectrical detector OKM GeoSeeker Mini can be used to detect under-ground water resources as well as hidden cavities. Both structures can be located due to its specific characteristics of electrical resistivity. 


Underground water resources have a good electrical conductivity and measuring its resistivity will result in low resistance values. The capability of water detection is very useful for

  •  dowsers, waterfinders
  •  wellbuilders, drilling companies
  •  agriculture, fruit growing
  •  mining, building contractors

Detectable subsurface water deposits could be

 ground water level 

  •  freshwater, drinkingwater
  •  undergroundwatercourse, waterveins
  •  undergroundwaterstreams, headwaters

Cavity detection

Hidden cavities and hollow spaces have a rather poor electrical conductivity and measuring its resistivity will result in high resistance values. The capability of cavity detection is useful for

  • archaeologists, historians
  •  treasure hunters
  •  geo-technical engineering
  •  military services
  •  building contractors

Detectable subsurface cavities could be

  •  caves, tunnels
  •  galleries and manholes
  •  chambers, sepulchers, tombs
  •  bunkers, vaults, cellars, rooms

Geo-electrical measurement

Two electrodes are injecting electrical power into the underground, where as two additional electrodes are measuring the potential difference (fall of voltage) to calculate the final resistivity value.  

Scope of delivery:         

Control unit with touch screen
1 Piece
4 Piece
Extension Cable ( 2 m )
2 Piece
Power Cable Drum ( Ø 290 mm ) 
2 Piece
Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter
1 Piece
User's manual 
1 Piece
Voltage Cable ( 10 m )
2 Piece

WaterandcavitydetectorGeoSeeker Mini

Thegeoelectricaldetector OKM GeoSeeker Mini consistsmainly of a controlunitwithcolortouchscreen, Power Pack andtwocabledrums. 


Whilemeasuringthesoil'sresistivity, theelectrodeshaveto be replacedseveraltimes. 


Thegeoelectricalwaterdetector is operatedviacolortouchscreen. 

2d scan of a waterdeposit

Water is represented in blueishcolors. Themorebluethemoreconductivity (lessresistivity) of theundergroundmaterials. 

2d scan of a cavity

Cavity is represented in reddishcolors. Themoreredthemoreresistivity (lessconductivity) of theundergroundmaterials. 


Twoelectrodesareinjectingelectricalpowerintotheunderground, whereastwoadditionalelectrodesaremeasuringthepotentialdifference (fall of voltage) tocalculatethe final resistivityvalue.